FGR’s logistics service
FGR Logistics is active in the transport of Refined Petroleum Products such as Aviation Kerosenes, Fuel Oil No. 6, #2 Diesel Fuel, EN590 and ULSD. This includes ocean barges and larger vessels.

FGR Logistics also handles container shipments for Copper Ore Concentrates, Barite and other raw materials that lend themselves to that method of shipment, booking larger vessels from coasters through handysize and supramax vessels for steel and scrap cargoes, and panamax and capesize vessels for raw material products such as coke, coal, and iron ore.

FGR Logistics has the options of chartering vessels on a voyage charter and time charter (both trip and period) basis.

FGR Logistics utilizes its cargo volumes and long term relationships to achieve access to vessels that meet each shipping needs that is needed for the complex shipping needs in the marketplace.
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