FGR’s logistics service
FGR Logistics is a wholly owned subsidiary of Franklin Global Resources. FGR Logistics is specifically aimed at expediting the transport of Refined Petroleum Products such as Aviation Kerosenes, Fuel Oil No. 6, #2 Diesel Fuel, EN590 and ULSD. In FGR’s mining division, exporting of Iron Ore, Copper Ore Concentrates, Basalt and Barite as well as raw materials from our mines, patios or storage facilities to our purchasers, utilizing cost effective measures and safety at all time.

FGR Logistics has formed long term relationships with other strategic International Companies that are strategically located worldwide focusing mainly on North, Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. These contractual relationships and business ventures assist FGR Logistics in meeting the constantly changing demands in the marketplace.

FGR Logistics service comprises fast efficient handling of the various products, the most experience injection and loading companies in the various ports, storage facilities when needed, insurance and recognizable inspection companies.

FGR Logistics will start in 2018 offering logistic services to other Trading Groups and End Users requiring transport of Refined Petroleum Products, Mining Products and other raw material.

Franklin Global Resources formed their own logistics company as an internal fulfillment function to support our own trading activities in order to insure quality service, shipping demands and unexpected problems that arise in the marketplace due to natural disasters and economic sanctions.
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