Corporate Strategy and Objectives
FGR's Competitive Strengths
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Corporate Stategy and Objectives

Leveraging Their Reputation
FGR’s core management team has conducted business in Europe, South East Asia, the Middle East and North America over the last 75 years and successfully completing numerous transactions during that time, FGR’s senior management has developed an excellent reputation with the experience to negotiate the global marketplace and the ability to blend that know how with a wealth of internal and networked expertise.

Strong Relationships
FGR focuses on building long-term relationships with business partners and governments. FGR intimately understands the value and link between developing strong lasting relationships and their current and continued success.

Speed of Action
As a closely held company the core group of decision makers is able to quickly vet opportunities by determining viability, calculating acceptable ROI and assessing the company’s ability to successfully complete each selected transaction to highest profitability.

Industry and Economic Outlook
We believe that significant growth and profit opportunities exist in the Refined Petroleum Products based on the current market conditions of minerals from the mining sector. FGR has expanded their Petroleum Division and has extended their network of Refineries and Joint Venture projects to take advantage of the marketplace. Mining and minerals, FGR is expanding exploration and its current mines as well as reworking their Scrap Metals network of Joint Ventures. These opportunities derive from long-term trends, the globalization of the world economy and the dependence on these products that the world has created.
FGR’s competetive Strengths
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