Corporate Strategy and Objectives
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FGR relies on accurate forecasts of economic growth and viability in the global marketplace to assure profitability and sustain income in these volatile times. FGR has been able to attract reliable Suppliers/JV Partners of their products from the industry and is continuing to expand its network of new supply channels through investment and joint ventures.

Information services are key to FGR’s success. A culture of risk awareness runs through all of FGR’s business activities. A full risk review is undertaken for all new clients and transactions. Supporting our customers and joint venture partners often means providing services beyond our core business of sourcing and supplying commodities; increasingly we are offering logistical transport as well as other types of risk management.

FGR has revised its Business Model and is presently expanding its operations which will allow for higher revenues for future growth. FGR is constantly reviewing global conditions and has enlisted the resources and staff of the leading Law Firms and Accountants globally. FGR’s strategy is to grow its primary business, Refined Petroleum Products, Barite, Iron Ore, Copper Ore and Scrap Metal for the Steel Industry and to meet the demand for agricultural products global marketplace.

FGR’s relationships and their reputation continue to generate other business opportunities relating to the various demands placed on certain commodities. FGR evaluates each of these non-core opportunities by asking three basic questions:

bulletDoes FGR possess a significant degree of internal expertise in the area and can we bring to bear the necessary relationships to ensure that an opportunity achieves a high level of success?
bulletDoes the opportunity add substantial long term value to FGR?
bulletCan FGR successfully manage the project without negatively
impacting its core business?
Corporate Strategy and Objectives
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