Corporate Strategy and Objectives
FGR's Competitive Strengths
Executive Board Committee
Corporate Governance

FGR is committed to high standards of corporate governance. FGR’s Executive Committee is responsible for the following key aspects of the group’s governance and performance:

Financial performance
Strategic direction
Major acquisitions and disposals
Risk management
Business planning

FGR maintains a clear division between the respective responsibilities of Peter Del Mastro, Chairman of the Board/Chief Executive Officer and Ralph Del Mastro President/Chief Operating Officer. While the Chairman is responsible for leading the Executive Committee’s high-level discussions and decision-making, the President/COO is responsible for leading FGR’s operating performance and day-to-day management.

To be a successful business in the short, medium and long term requires considered management of risks and opportunities that may be termed 'non-financial'. These can have a material effect on our business, and as such we are constantly reviewing our short, medium and long term business model.

FGR’s business conduct policy aims to ensure that we conduct our business honestly, transparently and fairly. We strive to uphold the highest standards in our dealings with joint venture partners, suppliers, customers, contractors and regulatory authorities, and expect our partners to abide by our own standards.

Our environmental policy commits us to comply with all relevant local and national regulatory requirements, assess the impacts of all our operations and aim for continuous improvement in our performance.
Corporate Governance
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