Franklin Global Resources (FGR) was formed when its founding Principals decided to bring together several privately owned companies and formed FGR as their new company. FGR is a leading and global integrated producer and merchant of physical commodities and FGR also provides physical supply services and related structured solutions. FGR focuses on Refined Petroleum Products such as Aviation Kerosenes, Fuel Oil No. 6, #2 Diesel Fuel, EN590 and ULSD, Minerals and Metals and Agricultural Products. Its primary focus will be in Energy and Petroleum products and the mining sector of commodities such as Iron Ore and Copper Ore, the sourcing through scrap yards under joint venture in Central and South America of HMS Scrap Metal and USED RAILS (R-50 and R-65), and in the Soybean and Corn markets in North and South America.

With over 75 years of combined experience in the international marketplace, FGR’s present strategy is to capture opportunities in North, Central and South America, Europe, The Middle East and Southeast Asia. FGR maintains a strong presence in the global markets. FGR is continuing to expand its network of new supply channels through investment and joint ventures.

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